Oat Soap for Sensitive Skin


After a winter that felt like eternity, my skin was really dry and stressed from all the heating and thick wool pullovers. So before holidays in Mexico, I wanted to prepare my skin for summer: shorts, tops, and dresses.

As you probably know my skin is really sensitive and conventional scrubs often leave it irritated. I searched for a natural skin care product, that helps me getting rid of the death skin cells, while also providing tons of moisture. After hours of strolling through my local health stores, I resigned and decided to make my own.

I adapted this recipe from the wonderful Blog of Free People, which I highly recommend. It is an amazing source for inspiration.

Ingredients: (makes 7-9 pieces, depending on cutting size)


  • 500 g soap base
  • 100 – 120 g rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp raw honey



Heat the soap base, using a double boiler. Add coconut oil and raw honey until everything has melted together. Stir in the rolled oats and mix well. You may want to blend half of the oats, if your skin is really sensitive.

Pour the mixture in a soap mold (Tupperware also works) and let it cool for a couple of hours. After the soap has cooled completely you can start cutting it into pieces.

Oats act as a natural moisturizer by removing the dead skin cells. It contains beta-glucan, that forms a fine film on your skin as well as penetrates deep into the skin to provide much needed deep moisturizing. Combined with the antibacterial effect of the honey it has great healing power for your skin.





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