Natural Hair Lightening Spray

Summer begins today – at least according to meteorology. To me summer means sun kissed skin, freckles and beach hair. I love the way the sun creates some highlights in my blonde hair.

I guess, everyone knows that lime juice lightens the hair. Unfortunately, its acid is really aggressive and in the long run could damage your hair. I am trying to grow out my hair, so I wanted to avoid this at all costs. Another way to lighten the hair is chamomile. Chamomile flowers contain substances that aid in the hair lightening process, while being gentle.

I played around with some ingredients and finally came up with a Hair Lightening Spray that works, but moisturizes the hair at the same time. I actually noticed a difference after only having used it twice.

This one is really easy, I hesitate calling it a recipe, but here we go:



  • 5-7 small organic limes
  • 1 cup organic chamomile tea (cold)
  • 7 tbsp organic coconut oil (argan oil or any other liquid oil works as well)

You simply brew a cup of chamomile tea, set it aside to let it cool completely. Meanwhile you squeeze out the lime juice. Now all you have to do is combine all the ingredients and strain it into a spray bottle.


Shake well before using, spray into dry hair and enjoy your sunny highlights.



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