Recycling: Create Your Own Vintage Shirts

It’s always the same when looking in my wardrobe. When I bought all my shirts I liked them, so most of them are little treasures stocked in the back of my closet. Nevertheless, some shirts I wear more often than others. But why? Maybe because they lack a special something, maybe I feel my style has evolved and they just don’t seem suitable anymore. So instead of buying a lot of new t-shirts every season, I decided to go for redesigning the old ones (I have to confess that sometimes I even buy shirts with the thought of ‘destroying’ them before the first time of wearing).

What you need:

  • T-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Twine (same color as your tee)

Take the shirt you want to design new. I wanted mine to stay a T-Shirt and not going for a tank top.

First I started by grabbing the scissors and cutting the lower end of, so my tee ended in being a cropped top. Stretch the end you cut off for a loose look.



Then I went on by willowing up the sleeves. For a better hold I sewed the willowed sleeves with a few stitches like I wanted them.



For the extra touch of a vintage mom shirt I decided to cut a hole under the collar. Maybe I will go for another few holes (but I am not sure yet). When you cut holes don’t forget to stretch them as well.



I also use the cut off end for a hair band, which looks really pretty and is kind of fashionable right now! (maybe I will post a pic of wearing it on our instagram account, so go and check it out :))

But there are so many more ways to recycle old (or in my case new) shirts. If you are interested in how I make my own tank tops or transforming your old jeans into super cool denim shorts, just let me know and maybe I’ll go for another tutorial.


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