All Natural Sea Salt Spray For Beach Waves

I am a lucky girl, traveling through Central America I got the chance to dip into the ocean every now and then (Pacific and Caribbean Sea <3). All the time the air smelled so salty and so felt my hair. I love this beachy waves with a bit of crunch.

Now when I’m going back home to Germany I will miss this look so much. That’s why I decided to have my own little ocean always with me in my bag to get this lovely summer look.



What you need for your sea salt spray: (approx. 250ml)

1 cup warm water
2 tbsp natural sea salt
2 tsp organic coconut oil


Using warm water helps to melt the coconut oil and everything will mix in better. After you get your liquid add the sea salt. Shake well.

Now you always look like you had a nice swim or surf in the endless big blue.



Upgrade: Now since I’m back in a colder country my cocnut oil is solid again. So you can also use olive or argan oil instead of cocnut oil if you live a colder country aswell.  Because coconut oil is solid when it’s colder than 25° C.


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