Create your own plant pots by recycling old ones

If you have a lot old plant pots you don’t use anymore, than you have the same old stuff staying around than I have.

I have some old plant pots out of clay, but I wanted to whiten up my interior at home. So that’s why I decided to paint some of them. It’s very easy. So everybody of you can totaly do it.

Here is what you need:
– old clay pots
– some paint brushes (finer and thicker ones)
– acryl coulor (I used just black and white)
– one glass full of water
– an old newspaper to cover the table you are drawing on


First of all be sure that you did not just water the plants in the pots you want to use. The clay pots should be quite dry. So cover the table where you want to get creative on. I took an old newspaper. Because you don’t want to have dots and stripes on your table as well. Take the greens out of the pots and put them on the newspaper.

Now fill up a glass with some clean water and and get your paint brushes. Wet your brushes a bit. Now it depents on how opaque you want the paint. If you mix the paint a bit more with water you can draw better, but it’s not that white. And it depents on what you want to draw, you need finer or thicker brushes.


I startet with the white colour and a medium paint brush to outline some triangle and half circle forms. Than I took the thicker brush to fill out all the outlined pattern. As well I covered some pots half or full with white colour with a thicker brush. When I was done with the whites I waited till the pots were dry enough.



Now you can put your plants back in and put them on a pretty spot or you can go on with some finer lines. Now I used the black paint to draw some aztec or almost triangle pattern on some pots. For this you need a fine brush and calm hand to draw better lines. That’s why my lines are not the best ones, but I like what I created and that’s the most important thing about it.


When everything is dry than put the plants back in and let them enjoy some sun.


Hope you create some pretty stuff.
Let me know about it and take some pictures and mark them on Instagram with #ndgbl


You can also use your pretty pots for a christmas present.

Thanks for reading this and enjoy your new pots.




  1. monaalgner · November 27, 2015

    whooooho. These pots look so pretty, Pia. Like UO-pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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