All natural dry shampoo

My dream since a long time is long healthy hair, that’s why I went using this. I found this perfect and very easy dry shampoo recipe at the free people blog. It’s the most amazing blog I know. (Please tell me about your favorit blog in the comments) however, I started using this and I am less washing my hair. And let me tell you, this and a few more tricks, helping my hair to grow so much stronger.

So what you need for blonde hair is very simple. I am a blond girl, so I don’t know about brown hair. But if you use the dry shampoo you just notice a little of the white colour.

What you need:
– 2 tbsp dry oats
– 1/3 cup cornstarch
– 2 tpsp chamomile (tea powder or dryed plants, I used chamomile tea)
(- 1/3 cup arrowroot powder if you have darker hair)
– a mortar

You start to mix up the oats, the cornstarch and the chamomile. If you are not blond but have brown or darker hair you have to add the arrowroot powder. Because you have after using the dry shampoo a little bit of white colour on top of your hair. You don’t want to have this when you are not blond.

When you mixed all the ingredients than you put them all together into the mortar and start pestle till you have a fine powder. And now you are already done. Look how easy this was.


You can put your dry shampoo into a little pretty mason jar or any other container you like. If you use your dry shampoo the best way to add it on your hair is using a brush. That’s how you just use the right amound. When you added it on your hair and in some different areas under your top layer of hair you wait for a few minutes. If you feel your hair dryer and it’s not so greasy anymore you turn your head upside down and shake all the powder out of your hair. Now it should be less greasy and you can go one or two days longer without washing your hair.


I wash my hair around once a week. Inbetween I use the dry shampoo maybe once or twice. You should just use the dry shampoo up in your roots. Because you want your hair legths and ends to stay undry and smooth. You also should use sometimes a little bit of oil to moisturize your ends. You can use any oil you like, I prefer argan or coconut oil.

If you like to know more about hair beauty, moisturizing it and growing it strong just let me know. Maybe I am going for some more hair beauty post.

Thanks for reading guys,
Pia, x



  1. se planquer · December 1, 2015

    This is so awesome! I’m going to try this soon! xx


    • peachymon · December 1, 2015

      Oh thanks, glad you like it 🙂 Yes feel free to try and tell me how it worked for you after using it. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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