About 2.0: Pia

Hi guys, this is me, Pia.

My friend Mona and me started this blog when we were traveling trough Mexico and a few other central american countrys. We decided to create our own beauty products and share them with you all around the world. Just to start over without all famous beauty products from the big company. Or do you know what all the names of the ingredients mean and if they’re really helping us?

So that’s why we started this blog, to share all the good and for sure healthy products we are trying out for you with you!

2015-05-31 10.48.07 1.jpg


But now, my dearest friend Mona decided after a long quiet summer of blogging to start with a new blog by herself. It’s amazing and she is trying to help as well with her blog she.aiming high but in a different kind of way. Just have a look and love her as much as I do and send her some love by saing hi from me.

So now that’s what this post is about: Pia. Yes, that’s me. Now I am wrighting this all on my own and hoping I still can make you happy with this.

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I’m now 26 years old (yes, booh, I’m getting older), I’m done with studying in Münster, Germany and moved one week ago into a new appartment together with my boyfriend and my little kitty. And I’m kind of a crazy plant and cat lady, yes, but I’m sorry not sorry for that. Also I love food and traveling, my heart is always full of wanderlust.

This blog is not only about organic beauty products anymore, so I’m trying to get a little bit more creative by working on recycling old planters  as well as making my own macramés (post coming soon).


So that’s what I want to do, be creative as well as trying to go all natural. I’m just trying, so don’t judge, but I am happy about you helping me. So please share all your fav blogs (mine is the free people blog) and we will learn a lot how to save our planet and our own health by using not so many chemicals and upcicle all the things we once loved and still want to keep by pimping them up.

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What do I have to say more? I just don’t now more. So just stay tuned and always remember: Love is the law.


Pia, x



  1. northblog2016 · January 4, 2016

    Hey Pia, really like your work! 🙂 Was wondering if you’d be interested in us featuring your work in an up-and-coming Australian blog/magazine? If so, what’s your email address and I can send through more details and the submission guidelines? Thank you! North mag.


    • piamuel · January 4, 2016

      Hey thank you so much. Always happy to hear that someone likes it 🙂 and yes sure, why not? Is your blog/magazine completely new or can I have a look at it somewhere? But sounds awesome. Pia, x


      • northblog2016 · January 4, 2016

        Thanks Pia! 🙂 The blogozine is completely new so we’re just collecting articles at this stage and hoping to launch it soon. I’m happy to send through our project idea and submission guidelines so you can have a better look if you like! What’s your email address? 🙂 North x


      • northblog2016 · January 4, 2016

        Great thanks! It’s completely new, so we’re just collecting articles at this stage and hoping to launch shortly. What’s your email address? I can send you the project idea and submission guidelines so you can see what it’s about! Thank you 🙂 North x


      • piamuel · January 4, 2016

        okay, sounds great. Here is my email: ndgbl.bl@gmail.com


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