DIY: little wooden christmas star

I found this pretty inspo today at the Instagram feed of Ana Morais. And I loved it. It just gave me all the christmas spirit I needed to feel the winter with all it’s beautys. That’s why I went out, searched some branches and created my own little wooden christmas star.



Here is what you need:

  • wooden branches
  • branches of fir
  • robe (thicker and finer ones)
  • green wire
  • different scissors (for branches, for wire and for robe)
  • some decor

Okay, here we go. You start with the wooden branches. Cut them all at the same length and lay them in form of a star and knot all the branches where they cross each other. The best is when you use the finer robe.


Than knot with the thicker robe the hangig piece, decide on your own how long you want this to be. I did it later, but when you do it now you don’t have to cover it later on.

Just cut overstanding branches of fir.


Now lay all branches of fir on top of the wooden branches where you want to have them. Use the wire to fix the branches of fir.

When everyhing is fixed you can go on with decorating your little wooden star, but you can also leave it like this, just how you like it the most.

I used some little christmas tree decorations and fairy lights.

Where did you hang your little wooden christmas star? Show your christmas decorations to me by using the #ndgbl on Instagram. Cant’t wait to see.

Processed with VSCO

Hope you like this post and also check Anas blog for more inspiration.
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend of St Nicholas’ Day.

Pia, x


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