DIY: mini macramé plant hangers

So here is one negative fact about me my boyfriend told me: I have to many plants. But I’m not sure if this is a real weakness of my character, nope, I don’t think so. However, when we moved into the new appartment I figured out what he was saying. That’s why I decided to hang some of my plants up in the air and I created some mini plant hangers.

I saw these kind of macramé hangers everywhere like crazy and I love them. And for real you can make them very easy on your own.

Here is what you need:

  • greens in a planter
  • robe
  • scissors
  • hooks


You start with the robe. Take one end. Decide how many robes you want to knot to one macramé. I used six or twelve. That means you take, we say 6 times of the same lenght of the same robe. Take the scissors and cut them. They don’t need to have the exact same lenght. I cut them around 70 to 80 cm, depents on how long you want your hanger to be.

Take one end of all the 6 robe pieces and knot them a few cm up the ends. You can go for another knot a few cm up. Lay down the knot on a table or floor and put the planter in the middle of it.


Now take two robes together that you get three times of two robes. Position the three pairs constantly away from each other and away from the planter. Check how high your planter is and make a knot of each pair of two robes at the middle high of the planter. (Hoping you guys will understand me!)

Done with this, split the pairs of two robes in different ways to the other knots. And make a new knot in the middle of two old knots. Be sure that the distance between all robe lenghs and knots is the same distance. If they don’t have the same distace your planter will hang oblique.



Now you can go on with this kind of knoting as high as you like. You can just go for one or two konts or you can knot up all the way, but be sure if you knot all the way up to the hook, that the distance between the higher knots will always be a little bit shorter than the distance between the lower ones.

I decided to knot one up till the hook and two other macramés I just knoted for one or two times. And I like them both ways. When you go for the not up knotted version, you have to be sure that all the robe pieces up till the last, final knot have the same lenght.


For the end knot I just knottet all robes together at the right length I wanted my macramé to be. The best is you double knot it, just to be sure. Cut the overstanding pieces.

The final steb is to get your hook into the wall or wood where you want to hang your macramé. With this steb my boyfriend helped me a little bit. Thanks to you!

2015-11-27 09.34.27 1.jpg

And tada, now I have saved space with hanging up plants and that’s why I can buy new plants for some other spots in my appartment.

I hope you guys understand my writing and can follow my brain when it’s trying to explain more complex things. Hope you enjoy your new hangings and feel free to post a picture of your macramé interior and tag it on Instagram with #ndgbl to show us. And if you still need a christmas present for your sister, mother, grandma or best friend, go on and create some diy presents with love. Everybody just wants to have a mini macramé plant hanger.

I wish you all a great day,


Pia, x




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