Cozy up your Home

Christmas is all around and the days are getting shorter and shorter. What are you guys doing to create some festive spirit and get your home as cozy and comfy as you can? I have some easy tips for you to get your home perfect for christmas and the whole winter season.

My first tip is to use candles. Candles have the sweetest light and you can use them everywhere. Combine the candles with some branches of fire, cinnamon sticks or other christmas decorations. The more candles the better. Don’t even turn your lights on when it’s getting darker, just use candles. I love it so much. That’s why my boyfriend and myself have every evening a candle light kind of dinner.




The next thing is to use fairy lights. It’s even easier than candles. You can buy them to plug in or with a battery. So easy to use and so pretty as well. Just hang them somewhere, lay them into a regal or create some little wooden decor and combine it with a fairy light for your window.



Also decorate with a lot of cushions. Put them everywhere on your couch and your bed. You can also put them on the ground in a corner to use them like an indian seat cushion kind of thing. It’s so comfy to sit on the ground with cushions and a lot of comfy blankets. Blankets are the best way to cuddle inside when it’s cold and dark outside. You can also decorate with sheep skin. They are so fluffy and warm. Put them on your couch as well or on the ground.



Also go and have some clementines and nuts, they smell like christmas and taste like it. Have a tasty cup of tea as well and enjoy the evening on your couch. Maybe have a little walk before and you will enjoy your hot drink even more. Also I recommend hot chocolate with marshmellows or whipped cream with a bit of cinnamon.

My last tip is to go into the kitchen and bake something. The smell will go into your whole home and when you bake something like christms cookies you just get this festive smell. Another more easy way to get the christmas smell is to heat up some sliced oranges and cinnamon sticks in a pan. Or you create out of slices of oranges a garland for your home. Just heat up the slices in your oven at the lowest heat till they are completly dry. The smell will be all around and the garland just will look so pretty.



Hope you get into a festive mood with all this christmas vibes very soon so that you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year as long as you can.


I also created a little christmas playlist ‘let it snow’ for you guys on spotify. It’s a combination of old classic songs and a lot of new stuff, also some german songs. Hope you like it.


Have fun while decorating your home for the festive time and let me know if you used some of my inspirational tips while tagging your pics on Instagram with #ndgbl so I can have a look.

By the way, the recipe for my oat-nut-chokolate-cookies is coming very soon so that you can bake just in time some cookies for your grandparents as a christmas present. So stay tuned.

So far I’m wishing you all a wonderful advent time.


Pia, x



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  3. Roxy · December 16, 2015

    Gosh you home looks so cozy. I prefer to have my home cozy all year round, but my boyfriend is the kind of person who just wants the essentials (we’re talking 55″ tv sitting on the floor). One of my 2016 goals is to actually decorate our apartment and make it feel like a home!



    • piamuel · December 17, 2015

      Yes go for it!!! My boyfriend was the same till I decorated our home and know he loves it.
      But thanks, glad you like the way how I decorate and my pics. And we only live there now for about a month and it’s already that cozy, love it 🙂
      Let me know when you (re)decorate your apartment and if you need any tips or diy for something you want create on your own, maybe I can help you!
      You also can check out my Instagram feed for some more inspiration if you like.



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