it’s Tree Time

This year I moved in with my boyfriend and we are going to by our own first christmas tree. The last years when I lived in a flat share while I was studying in Münster, we just had a very very tiny one. But now it’s the time for a real christmas tree.

Do you guys already have a tree?

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My boyfriend wants a tree which is still alive in a planter and not cutted down from a regional farmer’s market near by. What are your thoughts?

Maybe I can help you a little bit with it.

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We can decide between two famous christmas trees in northern germany where I live. The blue spruce and the Caucasian (Nordmann) fir.

The blue spruce (Picea pungens), like the name already says, has a bit more blue fir needles. Also the needles are a bit spiky and can hurt a little, but the tree can stand in colder as well as in warmer rooms. The tree grows in an almost perfect pyramidal form which it makes perfect for a pretty christmas tree. Native is the fir tree in the Rocky Mountains, California where it builds big forests. But today you can also find it in Russia nd all around Europe.

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The Caucasian or Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana) is the most famous christmas tree in Germany. It’s native in the highlands but now you can find it all around Europe. The needles are less spiky and it won’t loose the needles as fast as the blue spruce. Also it’s branches look not that blue, the tree appears in a dark and full green.

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But the most important point is to look for a tree which is from a bio farm so that all the toxic pesticide and dung from a non bio fir won’t heat out into your home while everybody is sitting together around the tree with closed windows.

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Also check that the tree isn’t cutted far away and transported on a long journey to the place where you can buy it. Better is to drive to a place next to yours where you can cut the tree on your own or get help from the owner and seller. Don’t go just in a forest and cut one. Because you don’t want to destroy a forest by cutting down trees. It must be sure that for every tree which will be cutted down a new one will be planted. But if you know the forester of the next forest you can ask to cut one. But dont drive to far for a tree as well, because than the pollutants your car produces is bad for the environmental again.

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But what kind of fir tree you will get as your christmas tree always be sure to water it enough so that it will last as long as it can. Also spray some water on the needles from time to time so they won’t get that dry. Beacause if you still illuminate your christmas tree with candles and not with fairy lights the danger of a fire is less.


And yes if you don’t want to kill a tree just for a few days or weeks than go and buy one with roots in a planter. Most of the time they are not that tall, but still pretty. And after the holidays you can plant the tree in your garden, a park or in a forest for the nature to help it grow again.

2012-02-14 11.45.51 - Sophia

I hope I could help you a little with this and you will find the perfect tree for your cozyed up home. Let me know which version of a christmas tree you have at your home with tagging your pictures on Instagram with #ndgbl.

Thanks for reading!


Pia, x


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