DIY: dreamcatcher

A few years ago when I was a child I had bad dreams and a friend of mine gave me a dreamcatcher. I hung it up over my bed and slept so much better. What a crazy thought that such a wall hanging should hold off bad dreams.

But now I still believe and think the story of an indian dreamcather is so pretty. The net holds bad dreams off and the strings with the feathers lead the good ones down on you. Also they look very pretty in a nature design.
I love them so much that I have a few hanging around in my home and also almost all my friends and family members have one I gave to them as a present.
And that’s why I thought you would like to know how to craft a dreamcatcher maybe as a cristmas present.


Here is what you need:

  • branches
  • robe/string
  • scissors


So I crafted a lot of the typical round dreamcatcher and also I tried some triangular ones. It’s both times the same principle.

When you want a round one you need wild branches of a hazelnut tree or branches of a pasturage. I think the wood of a hazelnut is prettier, but it’s your decision. Both ways you need to form a ring out of the branches right after cutting. Becauss if you not form a ring right away you need to do it later and than the wood will be maybe to dry and it will break.

2015-12-15 03.56.35 1.jpg

If you want to craft a triangular dreamcatcher you can take every branch from the ground you can find. But the branch should be quiet straight. And you need three branches for one dreamcatcher.

Processed with VSCO

First you take the branches and lay them down how you want them to be. Than knot the three branches for a triangular dreamcather with some thicker robe. If you make a round one than just knot it in the cirlce where the branch overlaps itself.

2015-12-15 03.55.50 1.jpg

Now both versions of a dreamcatcher have the same net. You knot at some point a 2 to 3 m long thiner robe or string. Than you go with the robe just in one direction. I craft to the right. Lay the robe a few cm after the knot around the wood coming from the upper side and going back up to the left side of the string. Than lay the string over itself back to the right.

2015-12-15 03.57.30 1.jpg

Pull the string as tight as you can. Go on with this kind of knoting in the same distance between every ‘knot’.

When you are around once you go on with the string and do the same knotting right in the middle of the knots of the first round. Go in like this till you reach the center of the dreamcatcher and there is no more space left. Than end with a real knot.

2015-12-15 03.58.36 1.jpg


(please ignore the beauty of my drawing but maybe it is helpful)

2015-12-15 03.53.18 2.jpg

If your robe is to thick for the tiny end and/or you can’t thread it anymore than you can also end the net with a little stone hanging which you knot at the end.

2015-12-15 03.59.31 1.jpg

Now you are done with the net. Lay the almost ready dreamcather down and position your feathers. Take some little pieces of string and knot the feathers where you want them to hang.

2015-12-15 03.52.34 1.jpg

You also can use some braided robe or lace trim bands instead of feathers. Or you just combine everything. You also can decorate the hanging pieces with little metal designs, shells, minerals or (wooden) pearls. Use everything you like. I took almost all the decoration pieces from old bracelets or necklaces.

2015-12-15 03.51.17 1.jpg

2015-12-15 03.49.12 1.jpg

Decorate and create your dreamcather how you like it. And now you have your own little dreamcatcher for yourself or as a present. Hope you like it.

2015-12-15 03.46.42 1.jpg

2015-12-15 03.50.09 1.jpg

2015-12-15 03.18.37 1.jpg

Let me know if my DIY helped you and show me your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #ndgbl.


Pia, x


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