gift wrapping // holiday spirit

I love christmas. All the good smells and the food, how the tree glitters and also the eyes of everybody.

Sitting around with my siblings talking about everything, showing my grandpa the latest pictures on my smartphone and my grandma laughing about him, my dad is joking with everybody, the cats are getting crazy with all the wrapping paper laying around and my mom disappears in the kitchen. No help wanted. The smell from the tree meeting the smell out of the kitchen. What a wonderful evening. Everybody is happy about all the new presents. But for me it’s the giving and not the getting things.

First time of the year when I start to buy christmas presents. On the internet. In local shops. Creating some on my own. Wrapping them. Just all about this is already the best of christmas. Knowing you have the one best present for the one sister and another perfect one for the other sister and your mom and everybody. And it’s your little secret for a long time. Being happy about it and they don’t know about it. This are the best few weeks till christmas comes.


And than the evening has come to put all the presents under the tree, having dinner and waiting to unwrap everything again.



This is the best. Giving your family and friends something they are dreaming about. The best moment is when they tell you about it weeks and weeks before christmas and they forget about it again. So maybe it wasn’t the biggest wish but you see the smile when they are unwrapping it and than they know, not just that you know them and they wishes, but also you have listend and remembered for a long time. I love this.



But the best part are the noisy days at home with your family, so chaotic but beautiful.



Also me and my boyfriend are sharing our first advent calender we filled up on our own and it’s like an early christms everyday. One day he opens it and the next I do. Our best morning routine.


What are your happiest moments about this holiday? The smell, the glitter everywhere combined with so many smiles. Happy to be with all my loved ones.

Show me your comfy home with your tree and all the magic around.


Merry christmas.



Pia, x



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