NYE hair styles.

It’s almost new years eve and do you guys are already ready for the new year?

I have to say I’m going to work on NYE as always. Last time I partyed into a new year was in 2010 in Melbourne. It was such an amazing party. Are you guys going to a party? Of course, erveybody is. I just would dress up but stay on my couch maybe with some friends. Eating raclette, drinking wine and watching black and white movies in the TV.


But now that it is that almost everybody will go out I decided to come up with three easy DIY hair styles.

My first NYE hair style is very easy. Take your hair and part it to one side. Than take the side with more hair and braid with the front hair a tresses. Fix with bobby pins. And you can also use some sea salt spray to get your hair outside of the braid a little more wavy.


Another hair style are two buns up. But it’s a more special hairstyle. Just tie two topknots not in the middle like when you tie up one bun but just a little more two each side. Fix with elastics and bobby pins aswell.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

You also can leave some hair out and create a half up half down bun just with two topknots.

And so thats’s my all time favorite. The half up half down bun. Just love it. You easely take some top layers of your hair and tie it to a topknot. I just take the front hair of my top layer. I fix it easly with an elastic. It’s perfect for a long night because your front hair is out of your face but you still have hair falling down. And you can aslo style your hair outside the bun with a little sea salt spray.



This will be my NYE hair style for sure I guess. What hair style do you like most? Let me know. I would be happy about every comment. If you are interessted into some more hair styles feel free to check out my Pinterest account.


If you try one of this hair styles I would love to see your versions! Tag your pics with #ndgbl on Instagram.

Wishing you all a great New Year’s Eve whatever you are going to do and the best for the new year 2016!!!!

Sending some love,


Pia, x



  1. Isa · December 30, 2015

    I love the first hairstyle and I will probably wear it this New Years Eve, great hairstyles in general & lovely post.


    • piamuel · December 31, 2015

      Oh thank you so much. Glad you found one hair style which fits yourself. Wishing you a great night, a lot of fun and an amazing new year!! Pia, xx


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