wishing: winter wonderland.

It’s a new year. 2016 has come. Do you made wishes and good resolutions for the new year? Do you want to chance anything?

For me, I don’t think so.

My last year was so amazing. I’ve been with Mona, one of my best friends, in central america for about two months travelling from Mexico to Costa Rica. I moved from Münster in Germany to a camper at the Dümmer Lake, also Germany. Lived there for the whole summer a camperlife while working at a beach bar with the best people I know. And in autumn I moved with my boyfriend in our first appartment. And I have the most lovely kitty cat ever. Christmas with my family and my boyfriend was gorgeous. And now?

I’m feeling like I need nothing more. So happy. But maybe a winter wonderland. Sitting around and pretending it is winter. But I would love a real winter with a lot of snow and some real cold days. Just walking around in the outsides. Feeling the cold while breathing. Looking at  a countryside covered in snow. Still dreaming of this. This would have maybe been my midight wish for the new year: a little bit of a winter wonderland.

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And that’s why I collected some old pictures from different parts of my life in the last few years and of some travels. This white flluffy snow falling down. Freezing the ground. Swallowing every noise. Making feel you like winter. Couldn’t think of anything more perfect. Yes, I love the summer sun. But winter. After the cold outsides you get in. To a cozy home with a hot drink. Maybe it’s because we haven’t had real snow for a long time where I live. Just a little bit falling and raining the next day again. But snow in the alps on a holiday is so magic. My familiy and a lot of my friends a driving south once a year. Having a ride on a mountain range. For some snowboard fun. It’s all about the perfect wrapped holiday with amazing views, a lot a fresh snow and the being together. I just love snow.

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P1010649 (2)

What are your dreams made of? Candy, beach sands, chocolate? For me it’s just the feeling of a cold nose but it’s worse it. Snow. And the warm inside. Reading a book, drinking tea, cuddling myself into a blanket, watching a movie. But you just can have it when the outside is a little white paradise with no noise from anywhere. Just you, your loved ones and what ever you want to have with you.

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2014-01-28 08.36.32

I have nothing more to say than snow it is. It’s cold but lets my heart glow a little lighter.

What do you think about all that? When nature is covered and glitters in some winter sun. Or snow falling down like the coziest material I could ever imagin. Like little feathers. Laying in my bed.

Just wanted to say that.

And wishing you all an amazing new year and may all your dreams come true. (This goes out to my one friend Saralena who hates all this New Years clichè talk.) Love you all!


Pia, x


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  1. Mon Amie · January 1, 2016

    LOVE everything about it! I want snow, sipping mulled wine after a day of snowboarding, relaxing in front of the fireplace.. and I want it now! wishing you ALL the best for an even more fantastic 2016.
    love & besos.


    • piamuel · January 1, 2016

      Yes, can we please go now??
      Sending love and besos back!
      °°°°°°o°°°O°°°°°°° (<– besos, you know!? 😉 )


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