all about hair.

I can not even remember since when I am trying to grow out my hair. I would say since ever. I mean the most girl dream is to have long, pretty and healthy hair like a princess. Like in all the Disney movies. Pocahontas, Arielle, the sleeping Beauty or even Rapunzel. What a dream. So I’m trying as long as I can remember and here are some tips I learned in the last years.

To start with washing your hair. Don’t wash it every day. Don’t even think about it! It’s getting to dry from the hot water, the shampoo is destroying all the natural moisture in your hair and the towel brakes the wet hair. Try to wash your hair only every two days, than try to reach a third day without washing. It’s a tough training. When you try it out in winter you can cover up with a beenie or hat or just tie up your hair. But be careful, the worng elastic will brake your hair aswell. At the moment the invisble bubbles elastic are pretty good. Also you can use dry shampoo to not wash your hair every day. You can also go no poo, that means just wash your hair with water without using any products. Talg and fat will also go out of your when you just rinse warm water through your hair. Also brushing your hair helps to get it clean. I always wash my hair when I can’t stand it anymore. Sometimes I feel like to wash my hair after four days sometimes after six days. Just do the same. Try to wash your hair less.

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But if you wash your hair and we all have to do it at some point, I have trained my hair so that I just wash it once a week, but I still shower more often! Just use natural shampoo which helps to moisturize your hair. At the moment I’m using the Jason and Argan Oil Shampoo bar by LUSH. IT’s amazing. It leaves some of your natural produced talg and fat in your hair. So that your hair looks clean but wouldn’t dry completely. Also the ingredients shea butter and argan oil is the best you can use for your hair. And it’s vegan! Maybe I’m going to post a DIY shampoo very soon if you are interessted. However, you don’t even need a conditionor every time you wash yur hair. Conditionor also is weighing it down and your hair gets more wavy and voluminous with less conditionor. If your hair is trained and you wash it like me just once a week you can use a deep hair conditionor more often. Also you can moisturize your hair with argan oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Just put the oil in your dry ends. Every few days when you feel your hair gets more dry in the ends. I tried the oils and for my hair argan and olive oil works better than coconut oil. But sometimes I still use coconut oil. Just try on your own which oil works best for yourself. In summer sea salt and sun can stress your hair but in winter the stress comes through heated air and wearing scarfs or big wool jumpers. So alway stay moisturized.

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And watch out that you don’t wash your hair with to hot water. It drys your hair and your skin as well. The best is to use luke-warm water. When you are done showering don’t brush your hair directly. Hair breaks more easely when it’s wet. Wait a little bit or use a brush for wet hair. Also don’t use a hairdryer or every other heat. You can straighten your hair with brushing your hair more times or wave it with some braids. If you want to use some products in your hair for styling make sure it’s healthy for your hair. The styling product I most like is my own sea salt spray. It gives you lovely beachy waves without drying your hair because of the oil in the product.



Another important point to get healthy hair is to not bleach it. If you like to color it be careful with that. I nevered colored my hair but I know it’s a lot of stress for your hair. But if you like to lighten up your hair sometimes I tried a all natural hair lightning spray. It opens your hair for the sun to lighten it but beacause of the oil in the spray it also still moisturize it and it won’t dry and breake. It’s a natural way of lightning and the best you can do if you still want to lighten your hair.

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And one really important point is to get your hair cutted. Not like every month. You have to decide it on your own. When your hair gets split and very dry ends than you should go to your hairdresser. You don’t need to cut like the half length of your hair just the split ends. Because if you are not getting rid of that the spliss will break your hair first just in the ends but than in the length up to the roots. And also a little haircut will help to grow your hair faster and stronger again.

For the moment I think are this my best tips to grow out your hair and to get it as strong as you can. My hair is defenitley growing faster and more healthy as a few years ago when I washed it like every day and used heat and all the unhealthy products you can find at your stores around.

Hope this can help you. Let me know all about if you are growing out your hair aswell. Do you have a few tips for me or a good blog where I can check out some good and organic products? My favorite blog is stell the free people one. Love it. Go and check it out! And leave some comments here for me please, would be happy about that.

If you like to find more DIY ideas, food inspiration or organic products than check out my Pinterest and tag your pics on Instagram with #ndgbl to share your organic life style with all of us who trying to go all natural.

Sending love,


Pia, x



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