DIY: how to grow new succulents.

I love plants and I have a lot. Especially a lot of succulents and cacti. And I always like to have more and give some to my friends. And it’s so easy to plant new succulents and also cacti from older bigger plants.

My first succulent I got from my mom. She has a huge jade plant. And she gave me a litlte cutting of it, just one fat leave. Now I have two jade plants and wishing to see them bloom very soon. Also I have a lot more succulents and cacti.

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If you want to grow new succulents from older plants, the mother plant should be healthy and well grown.

You can cut just a leave of a succulent with a sharp knife or break it carefully with your hand. It’s the same with cacti, cut it carefully.

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When you have a piece of a succulent or a leaf than let it dry for two to three days and after that lay them on some cactus soil. Water your little pieces of succulent always when the soil is dry again. I’m using a spraybottle kind of thing. Also I ‘planted’ the fat leaves in a terrarium to get a warmer climate. Make sure that your little ones have a sunny place to grow big and healthy.

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When the little ones are growing new roots and getting stronger than  you can plant them into bigger pots and they will grow bigger and bigger and will be beautiful plants.

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Succulents at the botanic garden in Hamburg, Germany.

If you want to have a look on big cacti and succulents just go to your next bigger town or city and have a look around the botanical garden. I love all the botanic gardens I have seen so far.

Let me know if you are growing your own succulents or are as plant obsessed as I am. Love to see your home greenery with all homegrowings. Show me your succulents and all the greens you love with using #ndgbl on Instagram.

Wishing you all a lovely day with a lot of greens and sunshine (or snow).


Pia, x




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