DIY: case of wine shelfie.

Since I moved in with my boyfriend, we needed some place to storage in our new appartement. So here is the way I decorated our living room and using the space for all books, plants and other stuff lying around.

I started with this kind of shelfies when I lived in Münster and my one roomie came from a region in Germany where they produce a lot of wine. He had some cases of wine with him and I got one for my room. I drilled it to my wall and used it as a pretty one of a kind book shelf. When I moved out I took the one case of wine with me. Since then I got some other caeses of wine from a friend. Her mum works at a local store and is selling some animal food and toys and stuff like that. Also they are selling a few things for decoration. And so I got some more cases of wine. And also me and my boyfriend bought some wooden boxes at Ikea. If you can’t finde cases of wine maybe this box is a good alternative. But maybe you can ask your local wine dealer or somethig similar at your place.

Processed with VSCO

So here is how I used all the cases. I just put them on the ground. Some standing up and some standing lateral. But always put the open side into your room so you can put books, journals, magazines, DVDs, CDs and everything you want inside. Also I used some books between some cases to build the boxes crisscross.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Another way for a case of wine shelfie is to drill some on your wall. I did the same in my new appartment but just with one little case. I love how it looks when my ivys branches hang down the shelf. And all the other plants look so pretty between all the wooden cases. Also I decorated the shelf with some fairy lights. And our old TV for our N64 is placed in a bigger case in the middle of the shelf as well.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Just love the way how our little case of wine shelfie turned out. And I worked the way up the wall with wome framed pictures and decoration pieces.

Processed with VSCO

Just combine everything you want in your shelf and get creative with it. If the nature wood color doesn’t fit your decorations you can also paint it white before you build up the shelf. Just as I said, get creative.

And let me know how your shelfie turned out. Just tag your pictures on Instagram using #ndgbl. If you are interessted into some more decoration ideas you can also check out my Pinterest feed.

Sending some love,


Pia, x


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