winter silence.

Where I live we get very less snow and our winter isn’t that cold most of the time. But when we are lucky we get a few real days of winter and my winter wonderland dreams come true.

I live in a lake region of Lower Saxony in Germany. The lake is a tourist attraction in summer and it can be very crowded, but when it’s outside the season we are just a very quiet little village on the countryside. And this winter days it’s the time to rest.

A few days ago it snowed and now it’s cold enough that it won’t melt the next day. I love snow. And it’s so pretty and everything is so quiet. I went outside for walks and a little hike the last days. Let me show you the winter wonderland of the Dümmer lake and the Stemweder Mountain.

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The first day of snow fall was amazing. Me and a friend walked around the nearby swamp region and along the lake a bit. It was snowing the whole day and we were totaly wet when we arrived back home. But after that I had some hot chocolate with some fresh baked cookies. The best you can do after a long day outside in the cold.

The next day we drove to the not far away Stemweder Mountain. It’s more a lonely hill coverd all in a forest. And in the evening the clouds were gone and I could see the moon far away on the dark blue.

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And the days now are sunny. Still cold and frosty but with blue sky and the sun shining. So pretty. When I went to the lake it was already frozen a little but you could barely see the other side because it was also a little foggy.



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Also the sunset above the coutryside was so peaceful. It was just the time to rest a little and enjoy the cold outside and later the warm inside. Just happy to live at such a beautiful place.

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But the weather got a lot colder so all the trees and plants where covered with ice and not just snow. But everything looked so pretty and the cold and clear air was just amazing. I went out just before the sunset and watched the last stars and the sky getting lighter.




On one of the last cold days in a row we went to the Dümmer lake again and many people where ice skating and ice sailing. Not that much of silence but still a nice time.




Where are you guys from and do you like the cold and white? If yes feel free to have a look at my winter wonderland collection.

Sending some love,




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