DIY: palette bed.

When you move new in, you need a bed, that is for sure. Here is the way I made my own easy palette bed.

I mean, it’s really really easy. What you need are some palettes. I bought mine just around the corner at a guys place who sells palettes. Old palettes but also very new ones. I got some new ones for furniture, because the new ones are lighter. I just payed 10 Euros for each. If you need some palettes just ask around at some local stores. Also you can find some in the Internet but I think they are more expensive.

Depends on how much space you have and how high you want your bed to be you need more palettes. Me and my boyfriend just wanted one storey of palettes so we used five for our bed. One palette is 800 x 1200 cm big. Check out how much space you have. When you use five palettes you get one rectangel. Put two palettes lengthways and three next to them across. Than your bed frame will be 2000 x 2400 cm big. Our mattress is 1400 x 2000 cm. So we have all around a little palette left.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

When we got our palettes we layed them in a corner and our matress on top of it with some space around the matress. We not just got a bed but also the nightstands right next to it. It’s perfect. And because of the crossbars you don’t really feel a difference to a real bed. I like the simple idea of a palette bed a lot. I decorated with a lot of plants. Love the white and green in my bedroom.

If you wonder why our bedframe is not a rectangle, that’s beacuse right in the corner is a heater. We just built around it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Go on and create your own palette bed. And feel free to share! Use #ndgbl so I can see all your DIYs. And if you are interessted in some more bedroom interior then feel free to check out my Pinterest feed.

Sending some love,


Pia, x


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