Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Almost a year ago. To far away. Summer dreaming. And I already have ants in my pants again. But here we go. Last spring I traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico. What a beautiful city.

My friend Mona went to Mexico to study and I visited her overseas. Her university was in Guadalajara. The second biggest city of Mexico and so pretty. When I arrived in early May in 2015 it was already very hot. But the life is different in Mexico. I’m a blond european girl. So the people stared at me, but they are still polite. Everybody is saying hello and everywhere on the streets you can buy food. What an amazing city. And so much culture and art. Let me show you a bit of sunny Guadalajara.

2014-09-10 16.13.40


Guadalajara is an old colonial city and that’s why it’s so colorful. Most buildings are painted in shades of pink, blue or yellow and everywhere are old cars. But not just in Guadalajara. All the little villages I’ve seen in Jalisco are pretty in color as well.





One day we visited Tequila. Yes, the town where the alcoholic drink tequila comes from. It’s also so colorful and it’s just a little day trip destination. The countryside out there is gorgeous.




Another amazing point why to travel to mexico is the food. So many fresh fruits and vegetables. But also the ice cream is amazing. Not like italien ice cream but so yummy. Right next to the place where we lived in Guadalajara we could buy popsicles. And I just have one thing to say: Avocadoes. My love in green to eat. Also you can buy everywhere shakes. So tasty. Just sitting at a market hall and drinking a shake called licuado. You can choose what you want inside and they mix it just in front of you. Just as a juice, a milk shake or a frozen drink. And you can eat a cactus: Nopales. Such an amazing vegetable. Also we went to a cafe. The Darjeeling Tea Room. If you are ever visiting Guadalajara go there. And at the markets, you can get fresh coconut water. They break the coconut and fill the water in a plastic bag with a stroh for you to drink.




Whatelse? The markets. Not just the food markets but also the flea and craft markets. You can finde so many things. Jewelry, crystals, dreamcatcher, cloths, handcrafted books, dishes, drawings, instruments and all the indigenous tourist attractions.



But not just at the markets you can find art also the streets are filled with it.



And then you just have to open your eyes and enjoy the little things.




Go around and have a look. Visit some cafes and places away from the streets in a patio where you can rest. Calm down, enjoy some music and not the crowded city. Have a drink and a snack. Enjoy the sun, the flowers and the hummingbirds.




So if you want to travel to a big sunny city in an amazing country go for Guadalajara. I liked it so much and would go again. Hope this blog post inspired you for your own travels. My heart is always full of wanderlust. What destination would you recommend?

After I arrived in Guadalajara we traveled further south. All the travels will come soon as well. So stay tuned for some more central american countrys.

And if you are interessted in my recent travels check my Instagram and #ndgbl.

Sending some love,


Pia, x






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