Fraser Island, Australia.

My boyfriend and I booked our next trip and that is why I am going all crazy and thinking about trips I already did. In 2010 I traveled to Australia and here I am going to show you some of the east coast.

My first three months in Australia I spend traveling from Brisbane up to Cairns and Kuranda. Such an amazing coast line, with a beautiful countryside, beautiful places and the nicest folks.

Starting of with a friend of mine, Rabea and our backpacks in Brisbane in the end of September and we drove up north by Greyhound. One amazing stop was Fraser Island.

But first, Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach has a beautiful beach with palm trees growing just next to the pacific. Also it’s the place where you can hop on the ferries to Fraser Island, the biggest sand island of the world.



Fraser Island here we come. On the island are no streets and just campesides. We did a three day tour and drove with some other people in 4×4 cars across the island visiting many places. And go never into the ocean here because there are a lot of sharks. But on the inner island are many lakes, creeks with very old water going back to the ocean and some natural pools seperated with rocks from the sea. Also never go out alone at night because of the dingos. When you follow some rules, no problem. Also there a some rocks going high into the sky. Sand island with rocks? Yes, some rocks are there and build up a frame or the fundament which stabilizes all the sand and forms the island. Also fraser island is covered with rainforest and high growing trees. Let me show you some of it.


First of all with no streets you just use what you have – the beach. At the 75 mile beach we found a dead sea turtle. Also at the end of the beach is Indian Head. And inbetween the old Maheno ship wreck.




Indian Head is one of the rocks where you can climb at. But it’s a place with a spirit. The folk of aborigines long time ago used to bring convicts here and they had to jump. A jump you would not come back from. The ones got killed because of the rocks they were falling on or because of the sharks.

Sharks, yes. So many. But you can still have a swim in a natural pool called Champagne Pools or some lakes. The natural pool is still a little dangerous because of all the rocks when the sea is rough.



To get to some of the lakes you have to walk on great sand dunes and cross the raiforest.



Some lakes are deep and look dark but others are crystal clear and have white sand like the famous Lake McKenzie. Both types are just gorgeous. Also you can swim in the Eli Creek. You start with a walk into the rainforest and at some point you jump into the creek and get floated back to the beach.

The water is also crystal clear and not that deep. If you are coming in summer it’s a perfect refresher.



And the old rainforest of Fraser Island is just amazing. In the middle of it is a spring where some real old water is coming up to the surface. And the trees on the island are so special.

The trees look all different. Some are huge with a big stem. How old they must be? We went for a walk into the forest. The little path was gettig smaller and smaller and the trees were just stunning.



Hope you guys like my pictures and also my adventures of Fraser Island. Soon some more australien travels and other adventure of myself will follow so stay tuned because my heart is always full of wanderlust. And maybe I made you curious about Fraser Island. So  just travel there yourself when you are around at the australian east coast.

If I made you curious for my adventures right now, feel free to follow me on other pages like Instagram or Pinterest.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



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