botanical gardens // cacti loving.

I love to wander around. But sometimes I can’t go on a journey to far away places. But I know a place where you can go to and feel like hiking trough a little mountain range, a perfect desert or a humit rainforest.

All the magic begins when you leave your crowded city behind with all it’s chaos and stress. When you go in spring you can find so many flowers blooming everywhere. Flowers from all around the world. When you go in summer you will find beautiful forests, little mountain ranges and a farmers place with all good to eat. And if you go in autumn the trees and all the plants will show you the perfect mix of colours from all around the globe falling down as leaves. And if you go in winter but not just winter you can find a few greenhouses with such different kinds of life.


orchid at the rainforest house in Munich, Germany


fern in Munich

I love the greenhouses at all botanical gardens I saw so far. I’ve been to some botaical gardens in Germany and the feeling you get in a botanical garden is so special. I have to say I love plants and I love plants growing like crazy in their almost perfect little world. Botanic gardens. Greenhouses. I’m obsessed.


cacti in Muenster, Germany

The most of all I love the cacti house as you will see. All the succulents and cacti. So huge and all special in their way of growing. Some with fat leaves and so smooth. Others very tall, some with prickles or some with hair. And others with fat triangonal leaves and prickles as well. Love to see them and how they are growing. How old the huge some must be.

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cacti house in Munich


The most people just think about the straight growing ones, but all the different plants have so special forms of growing. Also they can be very tiny. And when the cacti are blooming they look so pretty.

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Nopal in the cacti house in Hamburg

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succulents in Hamburg



Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Mexico house in Munich


But not just in Germany you can find amazing botanical gardens that is for sure. I’ve been to Australia and have seen beautiful botanic gardens. But I must say because of the climate somewhere you can find even more awesome gardens outside and not just in a greenhouse.

Hope you can also find some journeys full of wanderlust in your next city and it’s botanical gardens with all the magic and the greenhouses. Just love to share the awesomeness of huge cacti, blooming orchids and growing ferns.

Let me know about your travels with using #ndgbl at Instragram.

Sending some love,


Pia, x


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