Lago de Atitlán, Guatemala.

When we arrived at the Lago de Atitlán in Guatemala it was rainy and already dawn, but the long bus journey from Mexico was worth it. We just could see one of the volcanes covered in clouds and on the lake it was windy. The last boat waited just for us, so we hoped on and drove to the most beautiful place where I’ve been to so far.

The lake, a caldera formed long time ago, is now filled up with water and surrounded by many volcanoes. Such a beautiful place in all shades of blue.



We arrived by boat in San Marcos la Laguna. There are many villages around but we decided to stay here. The most famous attraction of this village is the ‘trampolin’. It’s not really a trampilne but a plattform 8 meters above the water level where you can jump.




The whole village and lake is covered in a deep forest or rainforest kind of thig. Actual when we’ve been there the rainy season already started. What means it rained like a few hours every day always around midday. And that’s also why we couldn’t go for a volcano hike. The hiking paths were all coverd in mud, but we went for some little walks to a neighbor village. But it’s not that save. Everybody told us just to walk a few paths and just in one direction. Everywhere you could get robbed. That’s also why we just went without backpacks and any expensive cameras and phones. Just with a water bottle and some coins in our bras to get a taxi boat back to San Marcos. But the hike was amazing. Just a little path along the lake side. A local man who was carriing branches of wood on his back and walked pass us asked us if we really want to go. And we said yes. So he said, that today maybe is a good day, he has seen no criminal folks on the walk. So we went on. Just gorgeous. And a bit creepy. The walk is so old and already the first inhabitants of the area used this one. It goes along the lake between some fields, forest and cliffs.



And the village is just amazing. Down next to the lake lives a more creative and western population. You can go and stay very long to get a yoga teacher or do some combat sports. Also you can go for so many hikes or cayak. We did some kayak and that was just stunning.



And you find every where little food places and local food stores. And a little away from the lake side you find a lot a of mayan people. Sometimes they not even speak spanish but just maya. A very old folk and so famous and now just a little left everywhere in north central america and almost nobody knows that the maya are still alive. We went to visit some cotten and weaving maya places and learned what plants they used to get one color.


IMG-20150604-WA0007And the village is just so pretty and covered all over with flowers. And beacause it was rainy season we could sit next to burning fire places at some cafés. And when it got dawn the little jetty was so beautiful and less crowded. The stars where coming out and we also saw a volcano eruption. The eruption was about 50 km away so we just saw a little red light getting lighter or darker in the distance behind some mountains.



travel journey drawings of the volcanic eruption.


I can just recommend going there some day. The food is great, the landscape stunning, the village gorgeous and the folks pretty awesome and polite. So if you ever going to central America, Guatemala or are looking for a perfect yoga place. Go to San Marcos la Laguna, Lago de Atitlán.

Hope you guys like this little impression of the place I find is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and been to (so far).

Some more central american, australien and soon also some US american adventures will follow on this blog so stay tuned for many travel posts. If you are interessted in my road trip through the west of the USA in march, than also check out my Instagram.

Sending some love,


Pia, x


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