dream travels.

I like staying home with my cat and friends. But what about going outside, far away maybe and seeing new things?

I love to travel. Meeting people, learning about different cultures and lifestyles, seeing stunning landscapes from around the world, learning about myself and just live life.

Where I live we don’t have very cold winter and also not too much sun and hot days in summer. Also the spring is very short and the autumn not that colorful. The german culture is for me not that special, the cities aren’t that big and the flat countryside of lower saxony can be less interessting than canyons, oceans and huge mountains.

Another point why I like to travel is because the germans are a little stiff and stuffy sometimes. The australian lifestyle ‘no worries‘ and the central amrican ‘pura vida‘ just got me. I want to live in a small village but more local stores and markets.


St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.


Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

My boyfriend and I went on a road trip to the south western US states a few weeks ago but I want to travel to more places soon and learn more about the world, myself and humanity meeting the nature.

Marakkech and Cambodia as well as Bali are definitley on my dream travel list. I just want to get to know about the culture there. I want to see how the colors of humanity meet the nature. Feel the dry wind and touch green leaves, smell the ocean and walk on hot sand.

Waterfalls (54)

Josephin Falls, Australia.


AC/DC Lane, Melbourne, Australia.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Zugspitze, Germany.

Another place where I want to go again is Australia. I’m just in love with the magic of Oz. How I said before no worries just got me. And all the sunny places, big cities, small villages, the sea and the rainforest got me. A surfer life driving up with a van and looking around markets and little shops would be just perfect. When you ask my boyfriend I’m talking a lot about Australia, and I got him. He wants to join my travels. Starting in Sydney and driving up. I just want to go back to Byron Bay and all the little ocean places. Also Noosa and Cairns/Kuranda are amazing.

Also I want to learn more about the european countrys. I want to go to Portugal, Ireland, Croatia and Scandinavia. A lot of my friends have been to this countrys and I just hear nice things. The wheater in summer is great and the countryside is stunning. And it’s cheaper than going on a huge trip far away. The same with road trips just arround Germany. I want to see more of the country I live in. Some german friends of mine think it’s just boring. But I know my homecountry can be pretty! We just need to meet the right folks and the perfect landscape. Why travel so far when we have places to go around yourself!? Now your homecountry.

What are the places you want to travel to? Let me know and share the inspiration wanderlust can get us.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



  1. mukul chand · April 9, 2016

    lovely post


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