Jungle experience // Treehouse Poste Rojo.

Nicaragua. Outside of Granada you can find a hidden treehouse in the jungle: Poste Rojo. And it’s amazing.

We stayed in Granda, Nicaragua for a while and found out about the treehouse and decided to go there. A free shuttle picked a few peeps up in the  middle of the town and we were sitting with the others on the open back of a pick up. Driving out of town, across some fields and arrived down at a hill. Got a lot of stuff? Than the walk up will be very very tough. But hiking up the wet stairs between the rainforest is worth it. We already could see the first howler monkeys when we startet the hike. Without a backpack or even worth lugguage you walk maybe ten minutes up. In the middle of the hike are some rooms but up at the treehouse: the view is stunning.

We first saw the treehouse and could already here Alt-J playing a little away and than another treehouse and another. Under the main treehouse with the living room and kitchen area is a swing in the jungle. Up we found some very cute puppies and a nice guy who asked where we want to sleep – in the hammoks of course.

To get to the main hammok deck we walked above a chain bridge and enjoyed the view so much. We put our lugguage down and had a look at some more monkeys, amazing ants and a cute cat and walked back over to the living room/terrace and had a cool Toña.





On our first evening we drove back on the main road with our little group and and to a little creek in a forest with a spring. The smaller road we drove on was amazing. Right through the real countryside and we could see some houses and people out there.

And the creek was so pretty and with fresh and cool water. The spot was right in the green and we could feel the water from the ground coming up into the creek – a spring where the groundwater reached the level of the creek. We felt the spring when we were standing on some points and it felt like little bubbles where coming up beneath our feet. What a crazy feeling. And such a meso american experience. We also had some Toña here.





Also you can go on other road trips with the treehouse crew. Everday they offer some trips.

Another day trip we did was a tour to the Laguna de Apoyo. A crater lake with a black sand beach. But it was so cloudy when we went there. But the road trip was a special one again. The last bit of the road down to a hidden beach was broken. I mean, real broken – gone. The rain the day before flooded the sand below the street away and there were real big holes. So everybody had to get of the 4×4 and had to walk. The car drove very slow around the holes, but there wasn’t much space. Eather way – pura vida – we drove further to the lake and enjoyed our day.


Back at the treehouse, why not drink anoter Toña?! And enjoy the view, the monkeys, have a talk and watch the lightnings going down far away. And don’t forget the fireflys. And the outdoor shower or the eco toilets. The view of the ‘pipi toilet’ is just amazing! What you learn here? Live one with the nature.




‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.’

So keep on, enjoy your life, live your dreams, but don’t be an ego and live an eco life style. We can’t be living alone, we are one with the nature. Try going all natural. And if you are around go and say hi at the treehouse Poste Rojo.

Sending some love,


Pia, x




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