appletree garden festival // summer dreaming.

To go to a festival is almost the most summery activity I can imagine. Okay maybe having a pool party or lying on the beach. But where I live we don’t have a swimming pool in our garden or an ocean beach right around the corner. And the appletree garden festival is just the best and next to the place where I live.

The appletree garden festival is not just summer for me, it’s hearing good music, eating yum food and meeting some of my best friends.

On the camp ground we place all our tents next to each others and we meet friends again who we haven’t seen for one whole year. Always seeing the same, amazing and funny peeps again every year right here. Enjoing some games on the little camp ground, having a little BBQ and drinking a lot of beer. And don’t forget the glitter.




Some artist playing when the sun is still shining and some at night. The two stages are on a glade between some trees, the camp ground is on some fields right next to the small forest. And if you want a shower you go by a little tram to the puplic swimmig pool in town.





The music is always gorgeous and I’m happy about every years musicians. Thanks for that amazing work appletree garden team.

But don’t forget your gumboots – the rain is coing for sure. No festival without Unwetterwarnung/thunderstorm alert.






video by appletree garden festival.

And right now I’m just so happy to have a ticket for the next appletree garden festival in 2016. Can’t wait for the summer and all my festival friends to meet again and annoying them with some glitter. But I’m sure they won’t be that happy when they had no glitter fairy around.

What’s your favorit festival or summer activity?

Sending some love,


Pia, x




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