Thrift shopping.

Vintage, second hand, flea markets, thrift shopping, it’s a passion.

Everybody loves cheap but pretty clothes. I found the perfect way for myself: thrift shopping. Around my place I have three shops which I love. Also everywhere where I travel I go into some thrift or vintage shops as well as to flea markets. I always find stuff. Most of the time shirts, sometimes belts, jeans, trousers, books or a lot of stuff for my apartment. But it’s a passion and not always easy to find things. You have to dig for it. And sometimes you love a piece and it’s not your size. Too bad. But there will be more treasures to find.

So it’s cheap, things and clothes are pretty, and it’s hip again. I love the mood and atmosphere of the clothes and other things and also of the shops themself. The older vibe of already have lived a life. It’s kind of giving them a new life. And that’s also good for our planet. Reuse. We are one world.

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Vintage shop in Venice Beach, California

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thriftig in Hamburg, Germany

And don’t forget to check out the man’s section. I love the man’s section. I found some flanels, oversize shirts and sweater. Oversize shirts are great. You can wear them so easily. But also you can just cut them into a croped top. Just create your own.

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Also I love searching for plant pots, pictures and other pretty things at flea markets. Almost half of the things in my appartment are thrifted and flea market finds.

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I’m just going crazy about all my thrift finds. Where do you go to find some more special and individual pieces? Let me know about your thrifting tips. And feel free to follow my daily adventures.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



  1. badpeachesblog · July 7, 2016

    thrifting is the best! i just found your blog and i loooove it xx/KM


    • piamuel · July 7, 2016

      Thanks so much 😊😊 and yes thrifting is absolutely the best!


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