body art.

When I’ve started my last adventure mith my friend Mona we decided to get our skin tattooed to never forget our travels. But it’s not just a journes, it will be for life. As long as I live I’m going to piece of work of some differened people. Inked with some things I liked so much and created by myself – sometimes with some help.

I always loved the idea of getting a tattoo and also to do a kind of forbidden thing. I mean, my parents or even my grandparents don’t like it at all. But it’s my body. My body. My life. Isn’t it this feeling of doing everything you want? The freedom of being your own guide of life.

I found a lot of pretty tattoos on the internet, especially at pinterest. Ever tried this page? It’s awesome! Anyway, this cheeky tattoos, I wanted one as well. I started drawing my own tattoos, always inspired by others and my life in that moment. I must say, I’m sad about that I did not get a tattoo in australia when I was there a few years ago. A memory you will always have on your skin.

Unbenannt - Kopie


I have six tattoos at this moment. But I’m always thinking about some more. The first was special. I got it in Guadalajara, Mexico. Actually I got three on that one day. But one tattoo, the moon and the sun kissing, was my first tattoo I was thinking about. Okay, I thought about a lot of tattoos before. But that one I liked so much that I wanted to carry it around with me my whole life. I still want. But now I don’t see it anymore. And my parents aren’t saying anything anymore. All my next tattoos were easy decisions.

DSC_0093_1 - Kopie

The ‘doing time in the universal mind’ is the one I love very much. The saying is brilliant. Freedom in your own thoughts. I decided to get it the evening before I got my first. Sitting in Guadalajara and drinking Corona while listening to the Doors. This was it.

And I also got a hidden one that day, so it’s ind of a secret. All three I got at Nomads Tattoo. I would always go back there. The tattoo artists were all very friendly and the tattoos I got are perfectly done.

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Another special tattoo for me is a pentagon on my left ankle. I mean all are special! But that one I got back in Germany together with one of my sisters. She got the same but on a different spot. The idea came up because we are five siblings. One corner for everyone of us.

Also I got some eyes on my arm and a little cactus with an UFO on the ankle of my right ankle. I just liked the motive so I got them from time to time all at Deep Ink Society. The owner and tattoo artist is a nice guy and I am totally happy with my tattoos I got there. But for larger tattoos I maybe would go to a larger tattoo studio with more special artists especially when someone still needs to create and draw your motive.

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My last one I got in Venice Beach at Addiction Tattoo at the same day as my boyfrriend got his done. Just a few days before we started our road trip. It’s a little solar system on my left inner arm and I love it. It also got Pluto in it. I also can just recommend the tattoo artists here I met.

IMG-20150518-WA0021 - Kopie

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All the spots on my body aren’t spots where you can see the tattoos directly. Not just because our society ins’t quite ready but because I like this hidden spots on my body. Maybe that’s why I don’t recocnize my tattoos anymore.

So what ever you do, if you already have tattoos or never want one, just love yourself and your whole body. It’s your body and your rules. Keep on doing what makes you happy. If it’s collecting art and memories on your skin as I do fine, if not that’s also fine. And I will definitive collect more of them. Next I want a wiccan symbol of the triple goddess, the waxing, full and waning moon maybe on my right back arm and the four alchemical symbols of the four elemennts air, water, fire and earth on my left back arm.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



  1. Daphne Dalton · July 22, 2016

    Very interesting blog and informative love the tattoos.


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