old but gold.

At the moment it’s all about hipster, vintage and mom jeans. So let’s welcome the style of our parents back to our wardrobe.

At the moment we find cloth in the stores which remember us at the 70th, 80th and 90ths. Everything comes back someday. So here we stand in the cloth our parents would have weared years back when we were ashamed of them.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now we buy mom jeans in stores, wear backpacks like they did and wander arround with them. We buy redisignerd sneakers from years back, huge glasses and even try to drive like old cars. We grew up always saying that we don’t want to be like our parents. But now we hitchhike again, drive to festivals with our old vans and roam trough the countries. We also take pictures with older analoge cameras, listen to long ago bands and we buy the old sheathing records again.

But why not? It’s hip again and now we love our parents like never before. Trying to find pretty pieces of furniture, bicycles and vintage looking shirts in our parents and grandparents wardrobe and on the loft. ‘Look how cool and pretty my mum was.’ And she did. Hello babe.

Processed with VSCO

I am sure your parents were also young sometime. Go home, visit them and surprise them with sitting down together and looking through some old photos. I can tell you, they will have a lot of fun while remembering some long ago and younger themselfes and so will you. And ask for some fashion items, maybe they will surprise you.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



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