Jungle experience // the Billabong.

Searching for a hidden place in the australien jungle outside of a hippie village? I found it: the Billabong.

In 2010 I started my big travel to Australia and found so many lovely places but the Billabong was one of the best experiences. I did the wwoof programm and found this perfect spot away from everything and hidden in the australian jungle.

We did not had internet, or even electricity for the whole day. The place is for tourist to expirience some horse riding or action sports in the jungle. Or you can do a Hummer tour through the jungle with a dinner at the saloon or celebrate a wedding, a family or business party.

But we just lived there for one month, cleaned the saloon a bit, feeded the turtles, cows and kangaroos, planted some trees and turf. We learned about how bananas grow and what dangerous animals are around. What an amazing month with snakes visiting, some bats a night flying into our room, fresh mangos and just living a peaceful life in the greens.



When the frogs are noisy in the evening and the birds are noisy in the morning you still get enough sleep and can enjoy everyday.

Driving out of Kuranda to the driection of Mareeba the place is directly on the right hidden behind some trees up a road on a hill. The place is huge and so many (wild) animals live there. And some folks who enjoy the peace out there. And if you are a backpacker around I just can recommend this place to go there and wwoof.





Right in the jungle fireflys can show you some light and some mushrooms are glowing at night after some nights of moonshine. But if you come in the rainy season the ligthnings are stunning and all plants are greener than ever.

The big, blue butterflys are flying everywhere and the lizards and snakes just come into your livingroom or garden and scare not just the dogs. I love the place here and it’s so amazing that the owner could live his dream right here.

And the countryside with old fig trees, waterfalls and mango plantations is just amazing. In the mountains next to the ocean and the Great Barrier Reef the life is just perfect.





I can not even tell how much I loved to stay at this amzingly place on earth.




So if you are aroud I can just tell you: go and wwoof or stay at the Billabong. And learn a little about the australian jungle as well as enjoy life.

Sending some love,


Pia, x






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