wicca, witch, wise woman.

Wicca is a ‘new’ relegion based on magic but more important for me is that’s it about the polarity between male and female in nature and everything. It’s very nature based and the god and the goddess are the center of the wiccan universe.

Wicca is also an older word for witch and witch just means wise woman. Like all the kowledge about herbal lore and medical science as well as crystal healing. We all know about witches in human history. Thise wise women who helped other people were not allowed to live by the church so the crucible started.

Today I’m sad about that we don’t know how to help ourselfs with plants and herbs when we are ill so we need all this pharmaceutiacal stuff which can destroy environment. All the pharmaceuticals get into the water and the animals living in water get the as well if they want it or not. However.

For me it’s about the female wicca, the goddess. The symbol of the Triple Goddess or Triquerta is all about nature. The polarity of the goddess is the horned god.

The triple goddess is a half moon, a full moon and another haf moon. It shows the phrases of the moon: waxing, full and waning. It’s also stands for the maid, mother and crone or earth, sea and sky in the celtic mythology.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

For me as I said the nature based wiccan relegion is special because we are one and have to care for our environment because we want a pretty place to live for us and our children and we can only have that when everything is going the right way in nature. We have to care for animals, plants, the groundwater and everything which is important. Like everything is important.

Everyone can choose what he wants to believe in. It could be anything starting with Jesus Christ or believing in money can make you happy. For me it’s trying to help saving this planet as much as I can. We all should be a with in my opinion, a wise human if female or male, just try. That’s what I do: try going all natural.

So as you see this post is not about witches or a relegion or just about wicca, it’s about what you think is your best way, of not destroying the place where we all want to live, is.

Make the best out of it.

Sending some love,


Pia, x



  1. Ttroika · September 6, 2016

    I look forward to following you; your post is very well written and you are obviously very wise in the craft and the religion of Wicca … keep up the good work


  2. TheGirlOnTheMoon · October 12, 2016

    What a blessed post! Totally following 🙂


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