thrifting tips.

find some stuff you love.

Thrifting or secon hand shopping can be tough. It’s  not always easy to find the perfect piece. But I got some tips for you.

Look through everything. Check the woman as well as the man section and the child section as well. Sometimes man jeans fit also, children have some shirts which could be crop tops. Imagine what you can find. And check everything. Don’t just pass by. You have to dig for it through all the clothes to find a few pieces you adore.

Try different sizes. As already said sometimes smaller shirts or jacket fit as a crop top. Or at the man or oversize section you can find gorgeous shirts, jackets and sweaters. I mean, we all love the lazy boyfriend style.
Don’t just buy everything. Maybe the label says Tommy Hilfiger but it doen’t mean that it’s pretty. Also just don’t buy anything because it’s cheap. Of course it’s cheap we are talking about thrifting and not Urban Outfitters or Vintage. Just find your special pieces and be happy with them. Or sometimes just go without buying anything. Next time you will find even more.

Go with a friend. It’s even more fun and you can help yourselves finding pretty things. But be careful: it’s a thrift store. Most of the time they have just one piece of everything so don’t get jealous. But sometimes pieces don’t fit one person so they can give their finding to you. Happy you.
Go to small town stores. I live on the countryside so we don’t have shops like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville or even Free People. My only shopping stores are thrift stores (or online or city visits) but that is great. Because in bigger cities even the things at thrift stores are more expensive. And in the smaller towns like I go to less people are searching for clothes at thrift stores. I  just find the best deals and I love it! And don’t forget to check out every thrift store in every town you visit. Just check your phone if a thrift or second hand or even a vintage shop is around.

Hope this tips can halp you to find some more of the thift shop treasures. And have fun while you go thrifting next time.

Sending some love,


Pia, x




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