body art.

When I’ve started my last adventure mith my friend Mona we decided to get our skin tattooed to never forget our travels. But it’s not just a journes, it will be for life. As long as I live I’m going to piece of work of some differened people. Inked with some things I liked so much and created by myself – sometimes with some help.

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all about hair.

I can not even remember since when I am trying to grow out my hair. I would say since ever. I mean the most girl dream is to have long, pretty and healthy hair like a princess. Like in all the Disney movies. Pocahontas, Arielle, the sleeping Beauty or even Rapunzel. What a dream. So I’m trying as long as I can remember and here are some tips I learned in the last years.

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All natural dry shampoo

My dream since a long time is long healthy hair, that’s why I went using this. I found this perfect and very easy dry shampoo recipe at the free people blog. It’s the most amazing blog I know. (Please tell me about your favorit blog in the comments) however, I started using this and I am less washing my hair. And let me tell you, this and a few more tricks, helping my hair to grow so much stronger.
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