body art.

When I’ve started my last adventure mith my friend Mona we decided to get our skin tattooed to never forget our travels. But it’s not just a journes, it will be for life. As long as I live I’m going to piece of work of some differened people. Inked with some things I liked so much and created by myself – sometimes with some help.

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Recycling: Create Your Own Vintage Shirts

It’s always the same when looking in my wardrobe. When I bought all my shirts I liked them, so most of them are little treasures stocked in the back of my closet. Nevertheless, some shirts I wear more often than others. But why? Maybe because they lack a special something, maybe I feel my style has evolved and they just don’t seem suitable anymore. So instead of buying a lot of new t-shirts every season, I decided to go for redesigning the old ones (I have to confess that sometimes I even buy shirts with the thought of ‘destroying’ them before the first time of wearing). Read More